7 Fun Ideas for Father’s Day Using Wooden Wine Boxes

Part of the fun of giving your dad gifts on his special day is about the presentation. Below are some great ideas using wooden wine boxes to offer him some items he’ll value.

1- Update Dad’s DVD Collection

You can fit quite a few new DVD’s in a wine box, especially if it’s one designed to hold multiple bottles. Your dad will love the stylish look of the customized storage box you choose to hold all the titles he’ll be interested in watching. Give him an entertaining year and a present he’ll admire and put on proud display.

2- Ties and Cufflinks

A vintage looking wine box made of wood is the perfect vessel to hold a nice selection of quality neckties and cufflinks. Make sure your dad is looking stylish at the office and give him a cool wine box to store all of his important fashion items.

3- Tiny Wine, Gourmet Cheese, and Crackers

What’s better to go in a wine box than wine? Choose a wooden box in medium or large size and add a mix of tiny single serve wine picks, a variety of gourmet cheeses, and tasty crackers. Give your dad all the treats he needs to kick back and have a relaxing evening.

4- New Fishing Tackle

Load your dad up with tons of new fishing tackle supplies by partitioning a medium to large wine box. Add all types of hooks, sinkers, bobbers, line, flies, bait, and more. The wooden box is the perfect backdrop to a gift that keeps giving all year long.

5- Grooming and Self-Care Products

Grooming is an important part of a daily ritual for most men. Shaving supplies, beard and mustache trimming equipment, aftershave, and cologne are all items appreciated by dads across the globe. Give him a wooden wine box filled with everything he likes and needs to stay looking refreshed and smelling great every day. There are additional resources at Ekan Concepts, which may help you learn more information.

6- Rolled T-Shirts

Grab a wine box built to hold at least three bottles and add handles to each end. Carefully fold a selection of quality t-shirts of various colors. Roll each and place them carefully into the box. Fill it with a rainbow of usable shirts he’ll love to pick and choose from to add to his daily wardrobe.

7- Bookcase Filled With Books of Interest

Pick a selection of interesting books your dad would love to read and add handles the edges of a large wine box to hold his new treasures. Place the books into the crate and give it to him as-is. You can also take the time to paint or stain more than one together to create a small bookshelf.

Wooden wine boxes are a useful container that can make nearly any Father’s Day gift look more inviting and well-planned.