Why HACCP Certification is Critical to Every Business in the Food Industry

Food safety has to be the single most important thing in the food industry. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the most internationally recognized food safety inspection body. Many countries around the world, including Canada, use HACCP safety programs to ensure production and sale of safe food products to the final consumer. HACCP certification is a mandatory requirement in all Canadian federally registered meat and poultry establishments. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is the body responsible for monitoring HACCP compliance among these facilities.

The food safety regulation body employs an efficient preventative approach to identify, fix, and prevent the contamination of food products by biological, chemical, and physical hazards in all stages of the production process. Other sections of the food industry such as processed product, egg, and dairy establishments are not required to have HACCP certification. However, the CFIA strongly recommends it.

Benefits of Having HACCP Certification

HACCP-based programs guide companies in the food industry through production, storage, and distribution of food products. They also give food establishments a cost-effective food safety control system. Adopting an HACCP food safety program has an advantage over current systems. Some of these benefits include:

Public Awareness

HACCP helps increase food safety awareness among the public. HACCP certified establishments can achieve this by displaying high visibility decals on their websites, menus, and entrances. Customers become more conscious about the safety of the foods they consume and avoid cases of food poisoning.

A Sign of Quality

Establishments carrying HACCP certification attract more customers. It has evolved to become a high selling feature among the public. A significant section of the general public is aware of HACCP and considers it as an assurance of quality.

Guaranteed Food Safety

Adopting HACCP safety measures will improve the safety of the food products your business manufactures. This will help you eliminate cases of illnesses emanating from the consumption of your products.

More Foreign Customers

If your business is a restaurant, you should expect to have a high flow of tourists seeking to dine in the establishment. HACCP is the most globally recognized food safety institution. Tourists with no prior experience in a city tend to look for HACCP certified eateries and dine there.

Reduced Legal Liability

When you implement HACCP food safety programs in your business, whether it’s a restaurant or a food processing company, concerns tend to lessen. To demonstrate due diligence and prove that required standards have been met, you need to keep audited food safety records. These records will provide solid defense in case of a lawsuit preceding a contamination incident.

Adopting HACCP food safety procedures is a major step for any business in the Canadian food industry. HACCP techniques are effective and allow easy oversight by the relevant government agencies. If you need more information from an expert, dicentra may be able to help you.