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Breville Air Fryer Kettles Pizza Oven Coffee Machine Sale In Canada.

Breville Infuser the Infuser™ Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™
Breville Infuser the Infuser™

Brand new Breville Infuser the Infuser™ Breville Canada

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Cranberry Red
  • Black Sesame

The Infuser delivers optimal espresso flavor in every cup. It pre-infuses ground coffee with low, steady water pressure before extraction, gently expanding the grinds before stepping up to high pressure. The result is a more even extraction, which produces balanced espresso flavor.

Product DNA


Not all coffees are the same. Control the volume of each pour at the touch of a button.

The inner components and engineering of the pressure gauge.


Maximize flavor potential with low pressure pre-infusion, digital PID temperature control, adjustable in 4⁰F increments and pressure gauge that guides you to the right extraction.


High power 1650W element for high pressure steam and faster heat up to create the micro-foam necessary for a third wave specialty taste and essential for creating latté art.

Close up of the control buttons for single or double shot.


Choose between 1 shot, 2 shots or manual control over how much espresso ends up in your cup for the perfect dose every time.


Our machines let you know when they need a little upkeep. Cleaning and Drip Tray alerts make routine maintenance low-maintenance.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)13.7" x 11.5" x 13.2"
Warranty1 Year Limited Product Warranty
Construction MaterialsBrushed Stainless Steel.
CapacityWater Tank Capacity: 61 oz.
SettingsSingle or Double Shot. Volumetric Control & Manual Over-ride.

Customer reviews

3 global ratings
4.7 out of 5
5 star 66%
4 star 33%
3 star 0%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Top reviews

The best espresso machine.
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:59 | Verified Purchase

My wife and I bought 2 espresso machines costing over twice as much as the Breville Infuser. They lasted for about 8 months each. I have had the Breville for well over a year now and it is working perfectly. One very minor glitch that didn't affect the pour at all was taken care of by Breville at no cost. Shipping was paid for by Breville.
The extras, like the accessory holder behind the drip tray, the magnetic holder for the tamper and the "razor" to level out the coffee in the filter holder are really great. I could not be more pleased.
Would I recommend Breville espresso machines? You bet I would.

The cat's meow of Espresso makers -- We love ours
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:59 | Verified Purchase

After a trip to Italy back about 7 years ago I set out on a quest to find a home espresso maker that would deliver us coffee nirvana every morning. I read many many reviews of expensive espresso makers and then I stumbled on the Breville Infuser costing less than 1/2 the price. We took a shot and bought one. This machine has produced at least 3 to 5 americanos or double shots of espresso every day for over 5 years. We tried many different types and brands of coffee, finally settling on our favorite. Surprisingly from a source people love to hate. I clean it religiously with the cleaning tables and a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. We love our Breville Infuser. Best kitchen appliance purchase ever.

My favorite Espresso Machine
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:59 | Verified Purchase

I've had this machine for over two years now after being tired of using the Nescafe Dolce Gusto and Nespresso machines with the capsules. Bought my Breville along with a separate order of the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. Ordered it all the way from Australia to Qatar. I've never had any problems with this machine and I order my cleaning tablets on Ebay. If you follow all the cleaning instructions and maintain it properly, you will never have an issue. Makes a fantastic espresso. I've experimented so much with this machine that I know it like the back of my hand. Thank you, Breville.

Exceeding our expectations
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:56:59 | Verified Purchase

We have 2 regrets about our Infuser purchase, First, that we did not get one a lot sooner, second, that we balked at splurging a bit for the Dual Boiler. However, I cannot think of a better addition to our kitchen, ever. It makes a damgoodshot of espresso, steams milk perfectly, is easy to keep clean and looks very sharp.

We were so impressed by the fit and finish of the Infuser that we replaced our toaster and toaster/oven with Breville appliances.
I had one tiny issue with the Infuser when we got it, a slightly loose spring in the porta-filter. Breville sent me a replacement that arrived within a day or two. Great customer service is always a big plus.
It's fair dinkum, eh?

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