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the Oracle® Breville Canada Clearance

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Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

The Oracle® creates third wave specialty coffee that tastes like you’d get in your favorite café. The Oracle® has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the two most difficult parts of manual espresso. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, enabling you to go from beans to latte in under a minute simultaneously.

Product DNA


Fully-integrated conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of coffee straight into the portafilter.


Dual stainless steel boilers and heated group head controlled by digital temperature control (PID), brings water to precisely the right temperature to extract maximum flavor potential.


Self-cleaning steam wand, powered by a dedicated boiler, textures milk to your liking and delivers Barista-quality micro-foam that enhances flavor and is essential for creating latte art. Allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture to suityour taste.

Close up of the control buttons for single or double shot.


Choose between one shot, two shots or manual control over how much espresso ends up in your cup for the perfect dose every time.

LCD display showing the settings.


LCD provides you all the information you need to make coffee exactly the way you like it, everytime.

Close up of the Americano size and strength button.


The innovative One Touch Americano feature delivers a double espresso, and then separately through a dedicated spout, fills the cup with hot water, the same way as any good commercial machine.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH)14.5" x 14.7" x 17.6"
Warranty2 Year Repair Warranty
Construction MaterialsBrushed Stainless Steel Exterior. Stainless Steel Dual Boiler.
CapacityBean Hopper Capacity: 1/2 lb. Water Tank Capacity: 84 oz.
SettingsAdjustable Grind Control. Programmable Milk Temperature and Texture. One/Two Shots. Long Black. Hot Water.

Customer reviews

7 global ratings
4.9 out of 5
5 star 85%
4 star 14%
3 star 0%
2 star 0%
1 star 0%

Top reviews

My own kitchen is my new favorite gourmet coffee shop!
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

I love the Oracle, I use it everyday. Since I bought it, I haven’t gone to my previous favorite coffee shop! It’s functionally versatile and so pretty on my kitchen counter.

Loving my first espresso machine
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

This was my first espresso machine and I love it! Totally life changing having one of this machines!

Great machine with even better service
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

I purchased an Oracle in late 2016. The machine does a great job at what it is designed to do. What was equally impressive was the service that was there to back up the machine when we had some issues with it in mid 2017. Breville was very responsive with their support. Once it was determined that it would require some repairs, they sent us the proper packaging and shipping label. Including transit time there and back, the entire repair service took 8 days. No additional cost to us, just the minor hassle of not being able to brew our own beverages for 8 days. Despite the little hiccup with the machine, the service provided by Breville made the experience much less frustrating.

The best all-around experience, one cup at a time.
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

I have had my Oracle since 2015. It has provided me with countless hours of great conversation and coffee. I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore various coffee beans and different types of roasts while always having perfect control of the brewing. Needless to say that when it finally fell ill with a mechanical problem, Breville support showed me how courteous and professional a company they are. They tried to repair my unit but it didn't work, so they replaced it with a new one. I am amazed. As a participating member in the customer service industry, I find loyalty most flattering for a job well done. Thank you Breville

Home latte machine
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

Excellent, dependable machine that makes great consistent lattes

Even husband can make a good espresso now
Reviewed on 2021-11-11T03:43:59 | Verified Purchase

We have had the Oracle for about two years now and we are still very happy with it. While I can make an espresso from the Starbucks machine no problem, my husband seems to struggle with all the important details. Since he bought this machine, I feel comfortable leaving him to make espresso drinks for the guests because everything is automatic, so drinks are consistent. Now if I could only get him to buy better beans. That definitely impacts flavor and bitterness if you have an old cheap bean that you buy on sale. So as long as I buy the beans, the machine does all the rest. Highly recommend. Also had a friend on the east coast purchase. She loves it too!

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